Fine sherry and fine food with our 'Real sherry tapas walks'

Cop-ita a load of this. We have begun to introduce trade and customers to the wonderfully versatile world of sherry by means of our so-called 'real sherry tapas walks'. The portentous title houses a simple idea: take a plate or two at four or five different bars within staggering distance of each other and pair the signature tapas with a sherry or two. A living, breathing, drinking and eating sherry masterclass on the hoof!

The Real Sherry moniker refers to wines that have not been depersonalised by strip-filtering, that have a distinctive personality and a strong gastronomic bent. We are focusing, hence, on the intense unfiltered pasada-style Manzanillas from Bodegas Sanchez Ayala, never previously imported into the UK, classic old solera wines from Emilio Hidalgo sherries and a pair of sweeties from Cesar Florido, one of the few bodegas based in Chipiona, a region specialising in quality Moscatel.

Participating in the Andalucian goodwill venture on this occasion were a dozen willing victims and four restaurants. Fernandez & Wells, Somerset House where anchovies met a simple fino and polpo paired neatly with Sanchez Ayala Gabriella. At Opera Tavern we let them eat hake with the nonpareil Hidalgo Fino Panesa and Manzanilla Oro (a pasada-style unfiltered dry sherry).

A quick trek to Terroirs where it was the turn of the Hidalgo Il Tresillo Amontillado to snuggle up to a melting boudin noir. Reader, it worked. Finally, to Hawksmoor, Covent Garden to prove that Villapenes Oloroso secco and the Viejo Amontillado from Hidalgo really does go with beef, marrow bone and the whole darn shooting match. You heard it here first.

If you would like to be involved in our next tapas crawl (either as a hosting bar or restaurant or a would-be "crawlee") please contact us on [email protected]