Skin contact, orange, or amber wine - call it what you will

Skin contact (or orange) wines cover a range of grapes and styles. In some of the wines the maceration gives a tiny inflection of texture and flavour; in others it is the foundation upon which the wine is built. They are synonymous with natural winemaking as the material contained in the grapeskins tends to act as a preservative and has anti-oxidant properties.

Everyone loves a list, especially if it’s got an index, right?! Below we’ve compiled a pocket of oranges (our love for collective nouns is just as steadfast). Whether subtly blushing along to amber hued or proper full-blown copper, we’ve amassed just shy of one hundred skin contact wines in our list.

* - light skin contact, golden

** – deeper gold, light amber

*** – full amber to orange

A list of Les Caves’ skin contact wines


A Fleur de Peau, Clos du Gravillas, Languedoc***

Valcabrieres, Clos Fantine – Languedoc (no skin contact but orange colour)

IGP de l’Herault Blanc, Didier Barral -Languedoc (no skin contact but orange colour)

Peau, Sylvie Augereau, Loire***

Saumur Blanc “Amphore”, Terres, Domaine des Roches-Neuves – Loire***

Pinot Gris Maceration Grand Cru Vorbourg, Pierre Frick – Alsace**

Le Sa Vient D’Ou, Anne & JF Ganevat – Jura** (deep amber, partial skin maceration)


Viura Macerado Edicion Limitada, Honorio Rubio – Spain***

Lovamor Albillo, Alfredo Maestro Tejero – Spain*** (almost red)

Tragolargo Blanco, Vinessens, Alicante – Spain*

El Carro Moscatel, Alicante – Spain*

Benimaquia Tinajas, Bernabe Navarro, Alicante – Spain***

BN Partida Creus, Penedes – Spain**

Celler Credo Can Credo, Penedes – Spain*

Cellar Credo Estrany, Penedes – Spain*


Baccabianca, Tenuta Il Grillo – Piemonte***

Cascina degli Ulivi A Demua – Piemonte**

Vino Bianco Pinot Grigio, Dario Princic, Friuli*** (reddish tint)

Vino Bianco Ribolla, Dario Princic, Friuli***

Vino Bianco Jakot, Dario Princic, Friuli***

Carso Vitovska, Benjamin Zidarich, Friuli**

Vitovska, Paulo Vodopivec, Friuli**

Procanico, Antonio Camillo, Toscana*

Tutti I Giorni Bianco, Antonio Camillo, Toscana*

Sancho Panza, Il Tufiello – Campania**

Pinot Grigio Fuoripista, Elisabetta Foradori – Trentino**

Ageno, La Stoppa – Emilia***

Dinavolino, AA Denavolo, Emilia**

Alvas, Panevino – Sardegna***

Baglio Bianco – Sicilia**

Zibibbo Integer, Marco de Bartoli – Sicilia*

Grillo Integer, Marco de Bartoli – Sicilia*

AA Caravaglio Occhio di Terra, Chianu Cruci – Sicilia**

AA Caravaglio Occhio de Terra Malvasia – Sicilia**

Rami Bianco, COS – Sicilia*

Pithos Bianco, COS – Sicilia***

Zibibbo in Pithos, COS – Sicilia**

SP 68 Bianco, Arianna Occhipinti – Sicilia**


Erde, Sepp Muster, Styria – Austria***

Grafin, Sepp Muster, Styria – Austria***

Stagbeetle, Weingut Andreas Tscheppe, Styria – Austria***

Schwalbenschwanz, Weingut Andreas Tscheppe, Styria – Austria***

Feldstuck Riesling Skin Contact, Matthias Warnung, Kamptal – Austria***

Feldstuck Gruner Veltliner Skin Contact, Matthias Warnung, Kamptal – Austria**

Feldstuck Muller-Thurgau, Matthias Warnung, Kamptal – Austria**

Gemischter Satz, Andert, Burgenland – Austria*

Pamhogna Weiss, Weingut Andert, Burgenland – Austria**

Rulander, Weingut Andert, Burgenland – Austria***

Gruner Veltliner Anadjucka, Weingut Andert, Burgenland – Austria***

PM, Andert, Burgenland – Austria***

Judith Beck Neuburger Bambule!, Burgenland – Austria*

Judith Beck Welschriesling Bambule!, Burgenland – Austria*

Central Europe

Burja Bela, Slovenia*

Burja Zelen, Slovenia*

Nando Malvazija Blue Label – Slovenia*

Nando Jakot Blue Label – Slovenia*

Nando Rebula Blue Label – Slovenia*

Nando Rebula Black Label – Slovenia***

Ana Cuvee, Valter Mlecnik – Slovenia***

Rebula, Valter Mlecnik – Slovenia***

Zorjan Couve, Stajerska – Slovenia**

Zorjan Lazki Rizling, Stajerska – Slovenia**

Zorjan Renski Rizling, Stajerska – Slovenia**

Zorjan Dolium, Stajerska – Slovenia***

New World

Cloudwalker White, Cambridge Road – New Zealand*

Sato Pinot Gris l’Atypique, Central Otago – New Zealand***

Sato Northburn Blanc, Central Otago – New Zealand***

Kindeli Bianco, Nelson – New Zealand*

Sam Vinciullo Chardonnay, Margaret River– Australia*

Sam Vinciullo Sauvignon, Margaret River – Australia*

Staring at the Sun, Momento Mori – Australia***

Fistful of Flowers, Momento Mori – Australia***

Bianco, Momento Mori- Australia***

Jumpin Juice Half Full White- Australia**

Jumpin Juice Sunsets – Australia**

Ryme Cellars Carneros His Vermentino – California**

Ryme Cellars Ribolla Gialla – California***

Ruth Lewandowski Chilion, Mendocino – California***

Bow & Arrow La Chenaie Sauvignon – Oregon*

Pinot Gris Amphora, A & D Beckham – Oregon*** (red/rose)                         

Kelley Fox Maresh Pinot Gris – Oregon** (rose)

Vinu Jancu, La Garagista – Vermont**

Harlots and Ruffians, La Garagista – Vermont**

Baby Bandito Skin Contact Chenin, Swartland – South Africa*

Testalonga El Bandito Skin Contact Chenin, Swartland – South Africa*

Elementis, Intellego, Swartland – South Africa*

Luddite Chenin, Bot River – South Africa*

Misc. followed by Bubbles

Malvazija, Piquentum- Croatia**

Georgas Retsina of Mesogaia – Greece**

Weiss, Marto Wines – Germany***

Niki Antadze 100 yo Rkatsitelli skin contact – Georgia***

Tillingham End Grain – England* (partial skin contact)

Tillingham Rullem, E Sussex – England***

Camillo Donati Malvasia & Trebbiano Frizzante

Fuchs und Hase Vol 1 & 4

Kindeli La Lechuza Pet Nat

Interested in finding out more? Simon Woolf's Amber Revolution is seminal orange reading. We've also an ode to all things amber here

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