Georgians Back in The House!

After a few months with scarcely a qvevri-wine to our name, we have now received our long-awaited shipment of new vintages (mostly 17s) and a few new wines too.

Wines to look out for include:

Niki Antadze’s Rkatsitelis. Based in Manavi (PDO), Khaketi, we’ve got two Rkatsitelis, one with 10% skins added and the Kakabeti a complex, old vines Rkatsiteli.

We welcome the return of Iago Bitarishvili’s exemplary Chinuri, one with and one without skin contact. The skinny one is gently crushed before whole bunches enter qvevri for 6 months.

A glut of Pheasant’s Tears is on offer, courtesy of John Wurdeman and Gela Patalishivili. We’ve zesty, saline Tsolikouri, amber hued Rkatsiteli (30 days on skins) and Mtsvane, Shavkapito and a Saperavi in the red stakes. Oh, and we can’t be forgetting the Poliphonia, a heterogeneous field blend from 417(!!) native varieties, notably more on the amber side this vintage round.

In a march East to Kakheti we have two wines and a cider from John Okro - an amber Mtsvane, a Saperavi, and (just a smidgen) of Pet Nat Cider, fermented in qvevri with four varieties of apples.

Ramaz Nikoladze is back with his Tsitska and Tsolikuri along with the Aladasturi (red) new to our Georgian holdings. Destemmed with only one day’s maceration before pressing and fermentation in qvevri, this is a super light, juicy number.

Finally there’s an enticing trio from Zurab Topuridze. Two contrasting wines made from native Gurian varietal Chkhaveri, one white, one rosé hued after 6 months on skins. An uncharacteristically light Saperavi (usually the grape is fermented with full scale skin contact) Topuridze allows two weeks partial skin contact followed by seven months in qvevri.

For more on this Georgian incursion read on here. 

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