Wine in KeyKeg? Don’t be Draught!

If you missed our KeyKeg Technician John at the Autumn Tasting, Restyling Wine, we caught up to ask about KeyKegs and the service we can provide.

You joined us with a wealth of experience in the draught beverage trade, can you tell us a bit about that?

I’ve been working in draught beverage installs for coming up to twenty years now, first working for the brewery Courage, and then Heineken when they were bought out. Working for the brewery as an in-house installer for stockists and helping with ongoing maintenance for various accounts. After 20 years there aren’t many situations I haven’t come across.

When did you first come across KeyKegs?

I first came across KeyKegs a few years ago, initially they were used as a means of beer storage and dispense, and they were later adapted to wine. As a format I think it is much better suited to wine than it ever was for beer. Over the last 3 years I’ve seen a massive rise in the number of venues using KeyKeg as a format for their wine offering.

Some are apprehensive when taking the leap to KeyKeg, why do you think this is?

You’re right. Lots of restaurants and bars looking to take the step tend to worry. Whereas before people were dubious of wine being served from a tap, and whether the quality would be the same, I think with KeyKeg’s increased exposure people have come to realise this is a great way to serve wine, especially if you are a large venue. The questions now are generally focused on initial cost, ongoing maintenance and the need for any staff training, although these are rarely as steep as you’d think.

What’s the best way to get the ball rolling?

We can start by doing a full site survey. During the survey I can assess whether a pre-existing tap system can be adapted, or whether we need to start from scratch. If so we can work out where the system would go and what the installation entails. Regarding ongoing maintenance and staff training, with a growing interest in KeyKeg, and an increasing list of wines available from Les Caves, we wanted to provide in-house support. For any existing customers it’s probably best to get in contact with your Sales Representative, they can discuss the wines we have in KeyKeg, and after that they can put me in touch. Any prospective customers would be best emailing [email protected].

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